Maintenance and washing of Pateh

Maintenance and washing of Pateh

Maintenance and washing of Pateh

Maintenance and washing of Pateh

Maintenance and washing of Pateh

Maintenance and washing of Pateh: Pateh should be washed after sewing for the following reasons:

Cleaning the inks by which the Pateh design is printed.

Reduces the smell of Pateh wool. Does not attract insects that cause damage to the Pateh.


How to wash Pateh

Maintenance and washing of Pateh: To wash Pateh , first dissolve a small amount of laundry detergent or grated laundry soap or dishwashing liquid without enzyme in a cold water container.

Then put the Pateh in a bowl and immerse in water until it is completely wet.

Shake the Pateh in a bowl for a few minutes (5 to 10 minutes) and turn.

Then rinse the Pateh until the water extract is clear.

Then immediately put the Pateh in the dryer until the Pateh water is completely absorbed.

Finally, spread the moist Pateh on a flat surface in open air to dry.


Maintenance and washing of Pateh

How to iron Pateh

Maintenance and washing of Pateh: Pete ironing must be done by steam irons and it is recommended that you leave it to reputable dry cleaning centers or Pateh specialists.

Freshly sewn Patehs have a lot of wrinkles that must be completely smoothed and rolled by professionals or reputable washing centers.

In order to iron the Pateh better and easier, it is best to dry the Pateh completely after washing and spray it with water before ironing.

To iron the Pateh at home, you should never place the iron directly on the Pateh, instead you should put a piece of white damp cloth on the back of the work and do this by placing the iron in steam mode.

Maintenance and washing of Pateh

Peteh Care

1- To prevent damage to Patehs and protect them from pests, pets should be kept in a cool place so that air can flow.

2- Storing Pateh in luggage and storehouse is not a good idea because Pateh that does not breathe for a long time will decay and it is better to use it as a frame or tablecloth if possible.

3- To keep the Pateh in luggage and storehouse, it should be kept in a cotton cloth with fragrant soaps (in the past, tobacco, naphthalene etc. were used instead of soap) and the Pateh should be opened once every six months to breathe.

4- Patehs with good and quality stitching will become more valuable after years, when their age has passed and their equivalents are not available, and they are considered antique.

5- Avoid washing the Patehs as much as possible because it will cause them to erode.

6- Regarding the preservation of embroidered Patehs, it is important to try to put cellophane or glass cover on them so that the product stays clean and does not need to be washed.

7- Pete should be away from any dust to reduce the need for washing.

8- Keep the Pateh away from sunlight because it will cause the Pateh to fade in the long run.

9- For Pateh that is uses as tableau, it is better to install the frame with glass to prevent dust from settling on the Pateh.

10 – Patehs that are framed with glass should not be covered with cardboard or fiber etc., because air should flow behind the Pateh so as not to cause corrosion and shorten its lifespan.

Source: نگهداری و شستشوی پته

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