Tablecloth Pateh 2M

Pate Tablecloth
Tablecloth Pateh 2M

Tablecloth Pateh 2M

Pateh tablecloth big

Tablecloth Pateh 2M

Tablecloth Pateh 2M, Buy Pate Kerman From Store In Kerman IRAN Send pete to all parts of the world. Pateh Krman Shopping Pate Kerman

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Tablecloth Pateh 2M


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Approximate Dimensions: 200×100 CM

Background Fabric Color : Dark Blue

Approx Sewing Time : 220 Days

Application:Tablecloth, wall sconce

Approximate Weight: 1500g

 Price Without Shipping Cost : 200$


Tablecloth Pateh 2M


Shopping Pate Kerman

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Shipping costs vary depending on the product weight, city and country of destination.

Send the product or products that you intend to order, along with your address. After inquiring about the postage fee, the final cost of the order will be announced to pay for.

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